VFW Post 10859​​

VFW Post 10859 

Wearing the VFW Cover (Cap)

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At Post Meetings: The recommended dress for meetings is your official VFW cap & Post shirt. The official VFW cap for our meetings is the Green Shade regular weight Member cap with gold piping; Members are authorized wear of other earned VFW caps during meetings. Hats are not authorized for wear during VFW meetings, please be sure to remove them. 

Link - History of the VFW Overseas Cover

For additional information, please refer to the source.

​Source: Podium Edition, 2016 (Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States) Congressional Charter, By-Laws, Manual of Procedure, Ritual. 20 July 2015.

Cap Piping & Name Tag Colors

According to the VFW Store:

Cap Piping Colors:

     Gold: Post Officers, members and Past Post Commanders 

     Blue: County Council Officers  and Past County Council Commanders 

     Green: District Officers (except District Commanders and Past District Commanders) 

     Red: Department Officers, Past Department Officers, Conference Officers, District Commanders and Past District Commanders 

     Silver: National Officers and Past Commanders-in-Chief 

For more information see the VFW Manual of Procedure, Article VIII, Section 803.

Name Tag Colors:

Gold           =       Post

Blue           =       County Council

Green         =       District (except commander)

Red            =       Department and District Commander

Black         =       All purpose

White         =       National Officers

Continuous Member Bars

Life Members are considered to accumulate "Continuous" time. Much like active duty enlisted, this continuous time is identified with Hash Marks. Unlike enlisted, our Hash Marks are displayed on our Covers. One Hash Mark for every year of continuous service in the VFW. Be sure you check that option the next time you purchase a new cap.

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