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Like many of our projects, we'll work this for a few weeks, if there is no interest or submissions, we'll set it aside to try again later.

So if you think this is a good project for the Post Website, please let us know and maybe even submit a story.

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Stories from the VFW

Stories from the Gulf War

(Operations  Desert Shield & Desert Storm)

Stories from the European Theater of World War Two

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Stories from the Pacific Theater of World War Two

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We're pleased to present our newest project,

Stories from our Local Veterans and Others

Do you have an interesting or maybe a humorous anecdote or short story you’d like to share? They don’t have to be “War Stories,” but rather era stories. How about a story from the Home Front or a story during recruit training. Anything to do with our Military or Veterans.
Are you a family member or know a Veteran you'd like to share a story about? Send it in.

All we ask is the story be "first person." something you experienced or observed, not a story you heard.

Be sure to include your name, the era, and maybe even a picture of you or the era, if you have one.

Stories from Iraqi Freedom

Stories from the Vietnam War