North of the River

All American Post 2018 - 2019

All State Post 2014 - 2015 & 2016 - 2019

Post Caps:

​Customized VFW Post 10859 Caps are available to order at the Post meeting.

VFW Caps are always available to order directly from the VFW Store.

​The Post has a limited supply and limited size of VFW Post Caps on hand. These are brand new Caps.

Before ordering your Cap online, new Members are encouraged to check with the Post for a Free Cap.

​We can also order your Cap for you.

​New VFW Members: When ordering your Cap from the VFW store, Regular Members should purchase the  Regular Weight
Member Cap, Shade 51 Green with gold piping. This is the standard Cap for Post 10859 Meetings & Events.

For more information about Caps please Click Here.

​If you would like to learn more about the Cross of Malta, please Click Here.

ALL AMERICAN Baseball Caps:

​You must have been in Post 10859 during the VFW Year 2018-2019 (1 July 2018 - 30 June 2019) to get this cap.

Order through the Post, Caps are Customized, one size fits all.

See Past ALL AMERICAN / ALL STATE Commander Bill Holland for your ALL AMERICAN Cap.

Caps are $18.00 each

Post Coins:

​Check out our New Customized Post Coins.

All Post Coins are designed as shown below.

​Your choice of VFW or Branch of Service is available on the other side.​​​​

VFW 10859​​

All Post Merchandise is ordered at the estimated cost of the item.

​We do not sell Post Merchandise online.​​

​For questions about our Post Merchandise, please use our Contact Page.

Post Shirts:

​Customized VFW Post 10859 shirts are only available to order at the Post meeting.

​Short & Long Sleeve are available.

Authorized VFW shirts are always available to order directly from the VFW Store.

That Side

is a choice of

​VFW or your Branch of Service.

This Side

At the top is

VFW Post 10859

On the bottom is

North of the River

This is our

Past All State Post Commander Frank Pacana sporting his

Post 10859 Custom Shirt.