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Proposed Agenda Items under New Business on 8 October 2016:



Motions and Results for VFW Year 2016 - 2017:

General Meeting conducted on 9 July 2016:


  001-20160709     Kern Veterans Stand-down 13 OctoberMotion Passed

                          "To participate with a Service Officer’s Information and Membership Booth at the Kern Veteran’s Stand-down   on 13 October 2016, located at Stramler Park, 3805 Chester Ave., in Bakersfield."

  002-20160709    November Buddy Poppy
Motion Passed

                          "To conduct the VFW Post 10859 Buddy Poppy Drive to collect donations for the Post & Auxiliary Relief Funds     on 4 and 5 November 2016." 

  003-20160709    New VFW Canopy with Wall.
Motion Passed

                          "To purchase a new VFW Canopy in support of the Buddy Poppy Distributions throughout the year. The total cost is $485.00; $387.00 for the canopy, $40.00 for special mailing, and $58.00 for an additional wall with the VFW insignia."

  004-20160709    Veterans Day Parade
Motion Passed

                          "To participate in the American Legion Post 26 Bakersfield Veteran’s Day Parade on 11 November 2016 or a         reasonable alternate date as designated by the American Legion Post 26 at a cost of $25.00 for entry per element. Elements include the Sea Cadets, M151 Jeep, and lowboy."

  005-20160709    Veterans Day Parade Banners
Motion Passed

                          "To purchase two (2) 10’ x 3’ Banners, to be placed on a lowboy during the Bakersfield Veteran’s Day Parade in   November 2016, at a cost of $324.00 from Advanced Signs."

  006-20160709    Auxiliary Santa Claus Pancake Breakfast
Motion Passed

                          "To support the Auxiliary for and during their Annual Santa Claus Pancake Breakfast on 3 & 10 December 2016   with food donations and funds not to exceed 50% of the cost of the breakfast after food donations, and with working parties to setup and decorate the Community and the Veterans Hall. Historically, the total cost after food donations is less than $100.00. The proceeds will be divided equally between the Post & Auxiliary. Additionally, the collection of donations for the Post & Auxiliary Relief Fund through the distribution of Buddy Poppies will be conducted."

  007-20160709    Pearl Harbor Day Breakfast
Motion Passed

                          "To conduct a Pearl Harbor ceremony and breakfast on 7 December at Hodel’s Country Dinning. Members and   guests will pay $10.00 at the door. The Post will absorb from the General Fund the additional cost; of the meal and drinks, of WWII Veterans plus one guest, of a Special Guest Speaker plus one guest, and the District Commander plus one guest.

  008-20160709    Book Fund
Motion Passed

​                          "To provide 50% of the funds required to support the VFW 10859 Post & Auxiliary Book Fund for 2016. The total one time donation to each child or grandchild of a Post or Auxiliary Member graduating from high school and enrolled in an accredited college as a part or full time student will not exceed $200.00 ($100.00 from the Post and $100.00 from the Auxiliary)."

  009-20160709    Reimburse convention delegates for hotel accommodations
Motion Passed

​                          "To reimburse the Commander and legitimately assigned delegates to the State convention $98.00+tax per night, not to exceed three nights for the cost of hotel accommodations."

  010-20160709    Post Stipend Program
Motion Passed
                          "To continue the Post Stipend program; upon notification of the death of a Member, the Post will provide a one-time $200.00 stipend to the family. Upon notification to the Post of any member staying overnight at the hospital, a stipend of $50.00 per night not to exceed $200.00 will be issued to the family to assist in the cost of incidentals and other expenses. Stipend payments to any one member may not exceed two payments within the VFW year 2016-2017, unless otherwise reviewed by the Service Officer and the Finance committee and approved by a majority vote at a regularly scheduled meeting of the general membership. Stipend payments will be distributed from the Post Relief Fund by the Quartermaster and delivered by the Commander, Service Officer, or any authorized officer of the Post as designated by the Commander. Payment greater than the maximum of $200.00 per stipend must be reviewed by the Service Officer and the Finance committee and approved by a majority vote at a regularly scheduled meeting of the general membership. Stipends must be identified within 14 days of the individual Member’s hospital stay or death. The stipend is forfeited if the Post is not advised within the 14 day period." Note: The Commander will have discretion when defining the Member's overnight stay in the hospital.

  011-20160709    Special Limited Monthly Stipend
Motion Passed
                          "To provide a Limited 12 Month stipend of $50.00 per month for fuel to a Veteran in need. The funds will be distributed from the Post Relief Fund. The Veteran will pick up the stipend from the Post Quartermaster before the beginning of the regularly scheduled Commander’s Meeting."

  012-20160709    Wreaths Across America donation
Motion Passed
                           "To provide a one-time $300.00 donation during October 2016, to Wreaths Across America for wreaths to be placed on the graves of our Veterans at the Bakersfield National Cemetery. The donation will distributed from our Post Relief Fund."

  013-20160709    Post shirt for a Comrade in distressMotion Passed

                              "To provide a VFW Post 10859 shirt to Comrade Aaron Lackey, not to exceed $60.00 in total."

General Meeting conducted on 13 August 2016:

  014-20160813)   Continue Financial Obligations (pay the bills). Motion passed
                                To ensure VFW Post 10859 continues to meet our financial obligations to maintain the Post Charter. Items include Bonding of individuals with access to Post funds, Post insurance, and other obligations in accordance with National, Department, District, and Post By Laws.

  015-20160813)   Framed photos of the National, State, District, and Post Commander.
Motion Passed
                                A frame will be commissioned for the display of the National, State, District, and Post Commanders.

​  016-20160813)   Committee Allowances, $200.00 proposed.
Motion passed

                               $200.00 is set aside for the Post Car Show and the Veterans Day Parade to pay for those undetermined incidentals that may occur from time to time. Committee Chairs are responsible for receipts and justification of the purpose of each item. Chairs should coordinate with the Post Quartermaster or the Post Commander when the Post Quartermaster is not available, for the distribution of funds. Available funds to each committee will not exceed $200.00 with out the approval of the General Membership at a regularly scheduled meeting.

General Meeting conducted on 10 September 2016:

​  017-20160910) Motion to make Annual Voluntary Donations to Department and National Programs. Motion passed
              $25.00 Legislative: VFW's National Legislative Service office monitors all legislation affecting veterans. It alerts VFW membership to key veterans' legislation under consideration and actively lobbies Congress and the administration on veterans' issues. 
              $25.00 Military Services: The programs that make up the VFW Veterans and Military Support Programs are Adopt-a-Unit, Military Assistance, Operation Uplink, Sports Clip Scholarship Program and Unmet Needs.
              $25.00 Service: The VFW was founded on the basis of providing service to veterans, and we firmly believe that once we can provide this service and get the word out, our membership will grow by leaps and bounds. It’s time we step up to the plate once again and take care of our fellow veterans.
              $25.00 VFW Wheelchair Games: The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California Golden Age Games/Wheelchair Games Programs are an expensive endeavor and we would invite all to join with us in supporting these most worthy veterans in their health maintenance and care.
              $25.00 VFW Programs in General: Evenly distributed across those Programs not specifically listed for donation.
              $25.00 Department of California Foundation: support programs that promote citizenship, education and volunteerism and facilitates aid for active duty military veterans and their families in need of medical, rehabilitation, educational and employment services.
              $100.00 to the Department of California for VFW National Home for Children. The VFW National Home for Children mission is to provide children and families of active-duty military, war veterans, and descendants of the VFW and its Auxiliary, opportunities for growth and development in a nurturing community, and to serve as a living memorial to all veterans.
              Total: $250.00.

  018-20160910) Addendum to the motion to have the “Post 10859 Membership Appreciation Dinner at the Hall.
Motion passed

” To change the location to Don Perico’s on Oswell Street in East Bakersfield. The cost will be $12.95 per plate, which includes; Rice, Beans, Cheese Enchilada, Chili Verdi, Chicken Fajita, Taco Bar, And Soft Drinks & Ice Tea. No host bar will be available. Seating for 100-125. Cost is the same if we cater to the Hall. No set up, no clean up. Auxiliary will be able to bring a cake.

  019-20160910) Motion to assist the widow of a Veteran with half of her $345.00 ($172.50) per month prescription co-pay for one month.
Motion passed

The Service Officer will work with her to bring the cost down, follow up with a brief at the next Commander’s Meeting on progress to determine if additional temporary assistance is required.

General Meeting conducted on 8 October 2016:

  020-20161008) Motion to develop a donation program to the Bakersfield City College Renegade pantry. Motion passed
Cost to the Post is $0.00. Motion pending
VFW 10859 Post & Auxiliary could begin a new Community Service Program for Veteran and non-Veteran Students at Bakersfield City College (BCC) through the “Renegade Pantry.” Scheduled deliveries to the pantry would be quarterly. The Pantry is a student assistance program that exists to help maintain the health and welfare of Bakersfield College students through organized college, community sponsorship, and donations of nonperishable food, clothing and hygiene items.
The Pantry helps itself with Bake sales and Yard Sales. Our Post & Auxiliary can assist by contributing listed items directly to the Pantry.
The Renegade Pantry gladly accepts any non-perishable/ perishable food, hygiene items, clothing, blankets, monetary, toys, pet food, school/office supplies, and/or similar donations. Based on student feedback, the Renegade Pantry endeavors to offer the campus community healthy food options. When considering making your donation to the pantry, please keep in mind this list of preferred items: Canned protein, Cereal, Dried fruit, Fruit canned, Fruit preserves, Instant oatmeal, Low-sodium soups, Nuts, Peanut butter, Seeds/trail mixes, Unsweetened applesauce, Whole grain granola bars.
Other healthful items that can be distributed to individuals

  021-20161008) Motion to move the June 2017 General Meeting to the first Saturday; 3 June 2017
Motion passed.
The purpose of this motion is to allow the Post to have a meeting during June 2017 without the interference of the Department Convention; 9-12 June 2017. Members will be notified by the Post Bulletin via USPS & E-mail, as well as posting on the Post website.

​  022-20161008) Donation to the Michelle Hernandez Transplant Fund
Motion passed
Michelle is the daughter of a local Veteran who passed away four years ago. Michelle does not fall into the category of an orphan due to her age (46), so a donation would have to come from the General Fund. She has Stage IV kidney failure. She is currently on dialysis listed on the Cedars Sinai's transplant registry. She’s not sure how long it will take to get her transplant. After her transplant she will be required to stay in a hotel for up to 30 days after the transplant, in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area. Her stay is required to monitor her for possible rejection. (This is what she’s raising money for.)
She’s been dealing with kidney failure since 2012. She said, “I have not and will not let this disease take the life out of me.”

  023-20161008) Support Veterans Day Breakfast at the Bakersfield VA Clinic
Motion passed
The Auxiliary will be conducting a free Veterans Day Breakfast on 10 November 2016 at the Bakersfield Clinic. The breakfast is free to all Veterans. This motion is to support the Auxiliary to pay for half the cost of the breakfast. On the menu; breakfast burrito, biscuit & gravy, coffee & juice.

Motion to Ban Events that Fail to Perpetuate 100% Americanism
Motion passed
As Veterans, we have defended the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America and continue to do so. As members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, one of our core objectives is to foster and perpetuate 100% Americanism. This right is also guaranteed under the 1st Amendment. VFW Post 10859 will not participate with any individual, group, or organization that disrespects or knowingly allows the disrespecting of our Constitution, National Ensign, or National Anthem.
          • Organizations are not necessarily responsible for the actions of the individual; we must be vigilant not to ban those organizations that do not make allowances or excuse the actions of the few.
          • Banning of any event, individual, group, or organization should be considered compulsorily on the Post level and during Post events, and voluntary outside of Post events by the individual Post Member.

General Meeting conducted on 12 November 2016:

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