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Water Aerobics  Classes at In Shape Health Clubs 

Post Members are working on getting and staying Healthy.

If you would like to join other Veterans and Auxiliary Members for an hour of fitness fun doing a Water Aerobics Class at the In Shape Health Clubs on Coffee and at California, below is the schedule we're following.

* This is not an offer to pay for memberships at In Shape or any other fitness club.

* We do not give or receive support from any fitness clubs.

* Any Post or Auxiliary Member is welcome to add classes or a different club to support his or her fitness program that he or she think would be beneficial to the Members of VFW 10859 Post & Auxiliary.

* 7 day trial memberships are available at no cost from In Shape.

* We do not guarantee any discounts, but I did receive a 10% Military Discount. You can also look into Silver Sneakers with your insurance provider.

If you are a member of In Shape or you are planning to become a member or if you are not a member and would like a 7 day trial to sample, the below schedule is provided. Keep in mind, this list of events are the most likely that we will be attending and does not reflect all available classes.

Obviously, not all members will attend all the classes. Come when you can and don't be discouraged if you happen to be the only one from the Post or Auxiliary on any certain day. But we are trying to keep this schedule.

Monday: On Coffee Rd at 0845 (except on the 1st Monday for Bloody Mary Monday)

1st Monday: on Coffee Rd at 1745.

Tuesday: On California Ave at 0830 (except 4th Tuesday for Toesy Tuesday and the Tuesday prior to the General Meeting for the Commander's Meeting)

4th Tuesday: No other classes scheduled.

Wednesday: On Coffee Rd at 0845

Thursday: On California Ave at 0830

Friday: On California Ave at 0830 (except 3rd Friday for those that attend Cookie Day)

3rd Friday: no other classes are scheduled

Saturday: On Coffee Rd at 0830 (except on the 2nd Saturday for Post Meetings)

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