Veterans in Need

North of the River

VFW Post 10859​​

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Date dependent, These are the stores we will be at:

Walmart Neighborhood Market - (Calloway & Olive)

Walmart Neighborhood Market - (North Chester)

Walmart Neighborhood Market - (Allen & Brimhall)

​Albertsons Supermarket - (Rosedale Hwy & Allen)

Vons Supermarket - (Coffee & Hageman)

Spenser’s Restaurant (Rosedale Hwy & Verdugo)

100% of all funds raised from the Buddy Poppy Program go to assist local Veterans.

Veteran's Day Distribution

Our next Buddy Poppy distribution will be conducted prior to Veterans Day, on 16, 17, 18 May 2018

The program's main collection periods are Memorial Day (May) and Veterans Day (November).

The event's goal is to collect more than $12,000.00 to put in our Relief Fund to support local Veterans and their families in desperate situations. We'll let you know the locations and times, along with the assignment roster as soon as it is published.

Buddy Poppy Distribution