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VFW Post 10859 has entered into an agreement with VFW District 6 to "piggyback" on the VFW Post 10859 website for a period of one (1) VFW year. The purpose of the agreement is to provide VFW District 6 a district website at a significant annual savings. VFW District 6 will share in the cost of the website, providing $100.00 to VFW Post 10859. The period of the agreement is the standard VFW year starting 1 July 2017 and ending 30 June 2018. The VFW District 6 Section will be turned off not later than 15 July 2018 and deleted not later than 31 July 2017. This one month grace period is to allow VFW District 6 copy their information onto their own website, should they decide to create one. It is the intent of VFW Post 10859 to make the transition as seamless as possible to our Members and without undue Interruption  of service. The space set aside for VFW District 6 will be made available to VFW Post 10859 on 1 August 2018. 

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