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NCHV has recently learned about a  resource for veterans with disabilities that you may want to share with your local chapters/affiliates. The North American Deck and Railings Association (NADRA) has a program called Deck For A Soldier®, where soldiers and veterans in need can apply to have a deck or ramp built for them, free of charge. In addition to working with individual veterans, they also work with veteran-serving organizations, and recently completed a build for one of our members. NADRA has volunteer members ready to work in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, and Minnesota but is open to working with veterans everywhere. You can read more about NADRA and the program below.


The North American Deck and Railings Association (NADRA) is accepting applications for their Deck For A Soldier® program. NADRA, a non-profit organization, is the industry voice for deck and railing safety. In 2007, NADRA launched Deck For A Soldier®, a program for building decks and/or ramps for soldiers and veterans in need.  The Deck For A Soldier® committee reviews applications to help the most deserving, and the labor and materials are donated through the generosity of NADRA members. Individual soldiers and veterans can apply directly through NADRA’s website, and interested organizations should first reach out to NADRA staff before applying. The program is a small way the industry can give back to those that have given so much to maintain the nation’s freedom. To find out more about this program or to complete an application visit

Deck for a Soldier

Information provided on February 17, 2018